Harvey's Room

Working with Natalie from Milka Interiors is the best decision I have made! Why…apart from being the most lovely person to talk to ( multiple times daily) who is as excited about your nursery as you are, her contacts & unique ideas are endless, plus she saved me so much time & money!

I was already well down the track of designing my nursery, had already purchased the big furniture pieces, was set on some of the decor pieces (my reupholstered grandmas chair) so I was unsure I would benefit from someone’s help. I also thought I was a wiz on insta and could source it all myself! However, while a lot of this was true, in most ways I couldn’t have been so wrong for so many reasons.

For me, bubs gender is a surprise & I wanted a fun & colourful gender neutral nursery but with the option of making it more boy/girl after. Plus I wanted the gender neutral version  ready for my baby shower!

Natalie delivered all of this for me & exceeded my expectations! Her ideas and suggestions are awesome, she knows where to source the best stuff from (& save some $), plus she’s really open to your ideas and feedback. From the functional & visual layout of the nursery, to the fun decor pieces and having everything arrive at your door with only one contact point & payment you can’t go wrong! Now we both excitedly await bubs arrival where I get to let Natalie know from hospital bubs gender & the rest of the nursery pieces arrive at my door.

For anyone thinking you can do it yourself, you definitely can but I highly recommend you take the opportunity to work with Natalie. I have learnt so much along the way & been in contact with some of her amazing suppliers! Even my husband can’t believe what a great decision we made…! If only he knew now I’m dreaming up my next project to work with Natalie on.


Sally's Home

I can’t thank you enough for making my home ‘a home’!

Even though we rent our house, I needed to make it more a home, coming from living in a unit we had space and a whole heap of things that didn’t work.

First was my daughters room was gagging for a makeover, for some love, but most of all I wanted her to be proud of her room, I wanted her to walk in and think she was the luckiest girl that ever lived, to show it off to her friends, I wanted it to be stylish, magical and different to all the other little girls rooms. You went above and beyond to deliver for me exactly that!! Her reaction to her room was priceless, we filmed her walking in once it was all complete, and still look at it to this day. After you did Lola’s room there was no way I was letting you get away easily, I locked you in for a playroom and lounge room makeover and once again you exceeded my expectations.

Nothing was ever too hard, and I told you on several occasions that you made me feel like I was your only client, how you juggled more clients than me I do not know. You never said no, but most importantly we laughed the whole way through and you were/are always on my side. Thanks for the giggles and all the love you put into my house – you have literally changed the way I live….literally.